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Chen Yumin Won the Title of “2017-2018 National Excellent Entrepreneur”

Date:2018-06-11 14:11

At the 2018 China’s Entrepreneurs Annual Conference and National Excellent Entrepreneurs Commendation Conference on June 6, Chen Yumin, secretary of CPC SD-Gold party committee and chairman of SD-Gold Group won the title of “2017-2018 National Excellent Entrepreneur”.

The selection activity of “National Excellent Entrepreneurs”, which is held once every two years from 2002, is a selection and commendation project approved by the CPC central committee and the State Council, with the purposes of conscientiously implementing the spirits of The Opinions on Creating the Environment for the Sound Growth of Entrepreneurs, Promoting the Spirit of the Excellent Entrepreneurs and Better Play the Roles of the Entrepreneurs released by CPC central committee and the State Council, actively responding to the guidance of “encouraging and protecting entrepreneurship, and encouraging more social subjects to participate in innovation and doing pioneering work” in the reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, encouraging and commending the entrepreneurs who have made the outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of China, promoting the sound development of China’s entrepreneur team, and giving full play to the important roles of the entrepreneurs in promoting the scientific development and accelerating the transformation of the economic development mode.

Awarding Chen Yumin the title of “National Excellent Entrepreneur” meant highly recognizing his entrepreneurial excellence in global strategic vision, management innovation ability and sense of social responsibility, and fully recognizing SD-Gold for having been insisting on the new development concept, vigorously implementing innovation-driven strategy, actively fulfilling the social responsibilities and significantly improving the competitiveness, influence and good reputation in recent years. This will inevitably encourage SD-Gold to continuously pursue excellence, be innovative and enterprising, achieve higher-quality development, and make greater performance in enterprise development to make new contributions to economic and social development in the new era.

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