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Safe Production

Safe development, Guarantee for prosperous country and peaceful people

In 2016, Shandong Gold Group, in order to ensure that no accidents happen in production and environmental protection, made great efforts to guarantee safety with technologies, and invested a total of 300 million yuan in safe production, making average growth in annual investment in safety higher than 15 percent. We also assigned responsibilities for safety and exerted rewards and punishments in assessment. As a result, no safety accidents happened in production all year round.

Organization of safety management

We put emphasis on the leading of safe production, and assign major responsibilities of safety, especially the responsibilities of a work place head. Chief safety officer system has been established, which contains a three level (ranging from business division to enterprises) safety management framework, to define management responsibilities limits, providing a solid organization guarantee for safety. A system for notifying the indicators for assessing the person in charge of a mine enterprise and the chief safety officer who should work underground mine and their safety work is implemented. In 2016, to guide safe production, 16 safety documents were issued, including “The Notice on Strengthening Safe Production” etc., laying a solid foundation for safety work management.



Safety Technology

We build deep well mining laboratory and filling engineering laboratory,  and research deep ventilation,  geostatic pressure monitoring and filling process;  we have applied for 19 scientific and technological achievements on safety production of Shandong province,  applied to State Administration of Work Safety for 5 scientific-technological projects on key technologies on avoiding major accidents in safe production of 2017,  and have got affirmation from  “Shandong Non-Coal Mine Accident Control and Prevention Technology Research Center”.  We plan to finish the smart mine pilot project in China by the end of 2017,  with a view to taking the lead in the planned targets of  “non-coal mine safety management level of Shandong and even of China”.

Safety training

We formulate “Safety Training Plan of 2016”, and use such means as animated training videos, warning cases, safety qualification training and symposium etc., to conduct all-staff training of position standardization which requires to reach the standard in work safety positions, professions and trends, with an emphasis on the safety training of frontline technicians and grassroots managers, training of work safety management system and regulations, to improve the staff’s safety awareness and capability. We organized 59 safety educations and trainings covering 2079 persons in total in 2016.



Work safety supervision and inspection

In 2016, we conducted two inspections of work safety, 12 irregular examinations of work safety and environmental protection, and made timely notification, correction and assessment of problems discovered. We held special meetings to discuss the enterprises and areas that have hidden dangers, made regular examinations and strengthened supervision of hidden safety troubles. To find out, eliminate and handle hidden dangers, we carried out inspections during Spring Festival, flood season and winter when it is necessary to prevent and protect from fire, cold, gas and slipping, took measures to prevent fire in underground mines, and carried out special activities to guarantee work safety.

Protection against occupational diseases

We attach great importance to occupational disease prevention, and work hard to improve staff’s production environment, to reduce and avoid the injury caused by various hazardous elements to humans and to achieve the sustainable development of humans, economy and society. Meanwhile, we care about employees who suffer from silicosis. Apart from fixed subsidies paid to them each year, we send them to a convalescent home to let every employee really benefit from our development.


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